Does It Matter the Type of Gas You Use in Your Car?

October 16th, 2020 by

When it comes to new or used car dealers in Oak Lawn, no one has a better selection of pre-owned vehicles in all makes and models than Hawk Ford, including many budget-friendly models priced under $10K.

We’re often asked if it matters what type of gas you put in your car, and the answer is both yes and no. Here’s what we mean.

Better Quality Gas Helps Protect Your Engine

The better, well-known brands often add more detergent to their gas, and that’s a good thing. Detergent additives help protect your vehicle’s engine by preventing carbon deposits. These deposits can damage fuel injectors and other engine components, leading to poor engine performance and reduced gas mileage.

What About Octane?

Most gasoline stations offer a range of regular, mid-grade and high octane gasoline, and for many vehicle owners the differences aren’t clear. An octane rating tells you how resistant to pre-ignition a type of gasoline is. Higher octane fuel does not give your car more power, it’s just more resistant to pre-ignition and engine knock. In reality, only about 18 percent of new cars today require premium fuel, and the owners of the other 82 percent waste about $2 billion annually using a gas their car really doesn’t need.

The bottom line is, if your car doesn’t require premium gas, why spend ~50 cents more per gallon on gas? Just fill up with good quality regular.

Your Best Selection in Oak Lawn

As we said, when it comes to used car dealers in Oak Lawn, no one has a better selection of pre-owned vehicles than Hawk Ford. So, come see us today, and we’ll have you one the road in no time at all!

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