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There is more than one way to drive your new car off the Orland Park dealership lot. Deciding between leasing and buying can be tricky because there is much more to consider than monthly costs. Choose how to finance your new car with these helpful guidelines. 


When you lease a car, you are essentially borrowing the vehicle for a fixed period of time with agreed-upon monthly payments. These monthly payments are almost always lower than finance payments, which could allow you to spring for a newer model. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle depreciation, because you will always return it to the Orland Park dealership. On the other hand, there are a few restrictions to follow when driving the car. Most leases have a mileage limit and you’ll have to pay charges for exceeding miles. You will not be able to personalize your vehicle with custom parts and you’ll have to pay for any damages beyond basic wear and tear.     


Buying a car gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with it. You now own the vehicle and all the responsibility that comes with it. While the monthly finance payments will be higher, you have the flexibility to keep the car as long as you want. The vehicle will depreciate quickly, but the cash value will be yours to keep when you decide to sell. There is no limit of customization or milage. 

However you choose to finance your new vehicle, visit our experienced staff at our Orland Park dealership!

Regardless of the type of car that you have, having two working headlights is one of the most important safety features in your car. Your car’s headlights play a pivotal role in helping you see where you are going in addition to increasing your visibility to other cars. If you see that one of your headlights in your Ford Flex in Crestwood has unexpectedly gone out, there’s no need to panic. Replacing a headlight is simple and inexpensive to do on your own.

Get the Light You Need

There are a variety of different headlights from which you can choose when you are at the store, but not such a huge variety that you won’t know where to start. If you have hesitations about what bulb is best for your particular vehicle, feel free to ask a salesperson at the store; they will be able to easily help you! In terms of tools, you’ll also need to have a Phillips screwdriver, and it is a good idea to have alcohol wipes and tissues to clean and hold the new bulb. 

Find the Headlight Holder

You’ll be able to access your headlight through the engine compartment. You can access this by opening up the hood; there, you’ll find a bulb holder and a power connector. Take the power wires out and remove the old bulb. As soon as the new bulb is out of the packaging, make sure that you handle it with gloves to avoid getting any of your skin’s oils onto the bulb. Once the bulb is in your car, reattach the wires and test your lights to make sure that they work.

Change Both at Once

If one of your headlights is out, you should change both of them at one time. Chances are, if one goes out, the other is going to go out soon after. You’ll be happy that you changed both at once!

If you need help changing the light in your Ford Flex in Crestwood, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn.

Winter is associated with taking a toll on your car, but did you know that the summer heat can have a negative impact on your car as well? Between warm weather, hot pavement and the increased amount of long road trips, your car is working hard. Whether you have a new or used car in Burbank, here is what you need to know about summer car care.

Check Tire Pressure

The last thing that you want is an unexpected tire blowout thanks to the hot pavement. Unfortunately, this is the case for many drivers during the summer months. Make sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month and replace them before they become too worn down.

Tend to Oil Levels

Engine lubrication is important year-round, but especially in the summer. Staying on top of oil changes and using the oil viscosity that your owner’s manual recommends can help keep your vehicle in good shape. If you take multiple road trips throughout the summer, make sure that you keep an eye on your car’s oil, as it may need to be changed more frequently.


Just like cold weather can wreak havoc on the life of your battery life, hot weather can do the same. Your car produces an extra amount of vibration when it is on long road trips, so keeping an extra pair of jumper cables on hand at all times is an easy way to get peace of mind.

Keep the above tips in mind this summer when caring for your new and used cars in Burbank!

National Car Care Month is here, and that means now is a great opportunity to check on the condition of your car and give it with any attention that it needs. Taking care of your car the right way is the best method to prevent costly repairs in the future. Here are some tips on basic maintenance that you can complete this month (and any month!) so you can get the most life out of your Ford Escape in Crestwood.

Check Fluid Levels

It’s important that your car’s fluid levels are all where they should be. Check the engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluids and top them off if necessary.

Check the Battery

Your car’s battery plays a huge role in how well it runs. Over time, your battery might not perform as well as it once did. Take April as an opportunity to make sure that your battery’s connection is clean and tight, as well as free of corrosion. You can also visit Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn to make sure that your battery’s car is charging the way that it should be.

Inspect the HVAC System

Two of the most important aspects, when you are driving, is interior comfort and visibility. Your HVAC system plays a large part in both of these things. Contact our team if you notice that your AC or heat isn’t working properly or if you need to have new windshield wipers put on.

Don’t underestimate the impact that a little bit of attention and love can have on your vehicle’s lifespan. If you need help taking care of your Ford Escape in Crestwood, rely on our team to help.