Used Cars: What to Inspect

Investing in a used car is a great way to save money and still get many of the perks of a new car. But there’s an inherent risk that comes with putting your money and trust into a car that someone else has previously owned. Our car dealer near Burbank wants to provide you with the information about the facets of the car you should inspect when buying a used car.

Exterior Condition

What does the body of the car look like? Is the paint in good condition? Do you see any scratches, dents or misaligned panels? Take the time to thoroughly inspect the aesthetics of the car from all angles. Also ensure there are no chips or cracks in either windshield or any of the windows. Make sure you inspect the car in broad daylight.

The Tires

Tires provide a lot of information about what the car has been through. If the car has less than 20,000 miles, it should have its original tires. If the car’s mileage is low and the tires are new, beware that the odometer may have been rolled back and tires could have been replaced. The tread of the tire should be even across the width and on the sides, and they have to have at least 1/16 inch of tread to be legal.

Interior Condition

The smell of the car is important in determining the kind of shape it’s in. If it smells like must or mildew, this could be a sign of a water leak. Check for dampness or wet spots on the carpet. If you don’t like the smell, it may be difficult to get rid of it, so choose wisely. Turn the car on to ensure all of the warning lights go on and that the heating and cooling system works to your liking.

Most importantly, make sure you take the car for a test drive to see if you like the way it drives! If you or a loved one is in need of a used car, visit our car dealer near Burbank for quality cars at affordable prices!

Source: Consumer Reports

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