How to Get the Most from Your Pickup Truck

If you’re on the market for a Ford F-150 in Burbank, know that you’re not alone. According to CNN, Ford has sold enough F-series trucks to circle the earth more than three times. In fact, it’s been the best-selling truck for 40 years. The 2018 Ford F-150 is also the Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Here are a list of reasons why pickup trucks reign supreme in the car world.

They’re Safe

This should be the number one priority when buying a car. Looks aside, will your car keep you safe? If you have a pickup truck, the answer is yes. You’re sitting higher up so it’s easier to see the road, not to mention four-wheel drive, air bags, dynamic braking, blind zone alerts and electronic stability control systems.

They Ride Like Sedans

Expect a smooth ride from point A to point B in a Ford F-150 bought in Burbank. Roomy back seats and four-door bodies are now the standard. 

You Can Tow & Carry Anything

Expect friends and neighbors to ask if they can borrow your car for the day. Effortlessly attach your boat, snowmobile, your kids’ furniture or anything else you need to move. You’ll be able to tow anywhere from 12,000-22,500 pounds.

If you need to load the truck bed with anything, you can do that too. Easily transport lumber, bricks, plants, pots; anything you can dream up.

Good Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is probably better than you’d think for a pickup truck. Expect anywhere from 20-26 miles per gallon.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a Ford F-150 in Burbank. Comment below your favorite part about owning a pickup truck!  

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