The Ford F-150 Enhances Safety

With so many different trucks on the market, why is the Ford F-150 popular. The Ford name carries weight, but the name alone won't sell fleets of trucks. Exceptional capabilities will move models off the showroom floor. Buyers want trucks that perform. The F-150 performs.

Hitching a trailer to a truck is easy. Driving and backing up with the trailer proves challenging at times. The 2018 F-150 now comes with a "trailer assist" feature. Turning a knob guides the trailer making things easier. The assist feature may reduce chances of damaging the trailer.

A Blind Spot Information System further enhances safety. Blind spots near the vehicle and the trailer do present hazards. If a vehicle enters the truck or trailer's blind spot, an alert goes off. Accidents may be avoided.

See how the Ford F-150 handles on the road yourself via a test drive. At Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn, we have one of the largest selections of F-150 models in Oak Lawn, IL to choose from.

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