Why the Ford Fiesta Really is a Party

The Ford Fiesta is your go-to car for a fun driving experience, no matter which model you pick. For decades the Fiesta has been one of the top selling cars in Europe, ranking fourth overall in sales in 2017. Not many vehicles can fuse what the average car buyer wants, such as good fuel economy, safety features, nice interior, and what an enthusiast looks for, like acceleration and handling prowess. However, the Fiesta does just that. Our Ford Fiestas in Burbank offer car buyers the full driving experience, inside and out. One of the few cars to fully embody the meaning of its name, the Fiesta really is a party.


Excellent Ride

The Fiesta has all the small-car benefits with big-car sophistication. Whether cruising on open roads or driving around town, its smooth ride rivals its more expensive alternatives on the market.


Room for Travels

Even with its small stature, the Fiesta has a spacious trunk for all your packing needs. Once you fold down the rear seats, the available space has you set for any road trip.


A Blast on the Road

Fiestas have set the standard for how cars of its size are supposed to drive. The steering accuracy, sharp response, suspension, and perfect grip have set it apart from the rest of its class. When out exploring, you’ll quickly forget you’re in a hatchback and not a sports car.


Unbeatable Price

When all is said and done, the Fiesta makes excellent financial sense whether you’re buying it new or used. Our Ford Fiestas near Burbank often have discounts and great financing options, so don’t forget to check online at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn to see what’s running now.


If you’re in the market for a Ford Fiesta near Burbank, you’re in luck. Stop by Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn to test drive your new dream car.

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