Features Which Make the 2018 Ford Focus SEL Sedan the Perfect Family Car

Sedans have been a favorite car body style for decades. Ford Sedans are especially popular because they offer a stability and road safety level that can only be matched by few new generation SUVs.

Ford Sedans are shorter in height, which means that their Center of gravity is low and when negotiating corners or swerving, the gravity keeps them more in balance than other car models. Here are specs which make the new 2018 Ford Focus SEL sedan the best in the market.

The model features electric power assisted steering (EPAS), electronic Brake assist, torque vectoring control and front disc and rear drum anti-lock brakes. The interior features a voice recognition communication and entertainment system and a power moon roof. The safety features include dual front airbags and side –impact bags, child safety rear lock doors, driver knee airbags and a rear-view camera.

The 2018 Ford Focus SEL is available for a test drive here at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn.

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