Synthetic Oil Basics

If you have been servicing your vehicle properly, which includes getting an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles passed, you may have run into a type of oil labeled "synthetic". In case you assumed it differs from regular oil, you are right.

Synthetic oil is a car lubricant that is made out of artificial compounds. The most common usage of this type of oil relates to extremely hot conditions. In case you are unsure if your vehicle falls into that category, visit us at the Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn.

The most common ingredient that you will find during the production of synthetic oil is chemically-modified petroleum. If your vehicle indeed utilizes this type of oil, you can attribute good performance, fuel economy, and increased protection to it. Courtesy of scientists who developed it, it significantly aids the car's longevity. Have more questions? Visit our service center in Oak Lawn and one of our specialists will help clarify the matter!

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