Is Your Exhaust Leaking? Know What to Look For

Has your car been louder than usual? That’s usually the first noticeable sign that your exhaust is leaking or in need of some work. However, it’s not the only warning sign of a leaky exhaust. Stop at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn and have our qualified technicians take a look at your vehicle. It may be a leaky exhaust or some other issue.

Sometimes an exhaust may be starting to leak without the car sounding louder. Some warning signs include the following.

  • Popping, hissing or a high-pitched whistle when driving
  • Gas mileage decreasing
  • Loss of power when driving
  • Vibration on the seats, foot pedals or steering wheel

Even if your exhaust isn’t showing visible signs of leaks, it’s important to prevent little problems from becoming big problems. We offer a full line of auto parts and services in Oak Lawn, IL. Pay us a visit in our service center or call us today.

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