Stay On Top Of Coolant System Issues

An overheated car comes with some serious risks. The car's engine could be damaged if heat levels rise past a certain point. And don't overlook the dangers associated with having to pull a car off to the side of the highway. Be mindful of how to prevent overheating scenarios.

Checking coolant levels reflects the most basic step to take. If the coolant is low or leaking, the chances of the vehicle overheating increase. Old coolant won't work efficiently either. Be sure to change the coolant at the recommended time.

The parts connected to the cooling system may be damaged, which undermines reliable temperature levels. A broken thermostat, punctured hole, failing water pump, can lead to poor engine cooling. Such damaged parts need to be fixed without delay. Otherwise, a bad situation could develop at an inconvenient time.

Don't drive around Oak Lawn with a failing coolant system. Let the service pros at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn perform an inspection and any necessary fixes.

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